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Car Valeting-Some Insights

September 11th, 2017

It is one of the nicest experiences there is when you receive your car back after it has been professionally cleaned so this article will help you take the first step into re-creating that experience for yourself. Before you can begin the actual valet you will need the right equipment and here we will be letting you know what you will actually need in terms of hardware to perform a professional valet. Bucket and sponge. The most basic of the valeting tools but without it you might as well give in. The bucket and sponge will enable you to get the detergent on the car quickly for its initial cleaning. Chamois leather. You will be surprised to know that npt all professional valeters will own a chamois leather as not all valeters will dry a vehicle. In order to perform a fully professional valet you will one hundred percent require a chamois leather as no valet is complete without the vehicle being dried.Get the facts at car valeting website

Microfiber Cloth. Another clever accessory of the valeter toolkit is the microfiber cloth. These cloths have various uses as the material of the microfiber enables dust and dirt to stick to the cloth with ease. This makes dashboard, gear stick and driving column cleaning very easy. Vacum Cleaner.Just as the bucket and sponge is an essential tool for a professional valet if you ever ask for a valet and your provider doesn\’t have a vacuum cleaner then run for the hills. The vacuum is used to clean the interior of the car and is most commonly accompanied via a crevice tool to enable you to get into those hard to reach areas. Specialists vacuum cleaners can also double up as carpet cleaners. Also known as wet and dry vacuums they assist a professional valeter by allowing them to clean the interior using high foam and water and then the wet and dry vacuum will suck the water up allowing for a quicker drying time.

Paint brushes. Probably the most easy to forget in this toolkit is the simple paint brush. A valeter will usually have two brushes. The first of the brush kit will assist with the interior clean in that you can sweep the dust towards the vacuum hose whereas the second of the brushes will be used to paint the tyre walls with the tyre black. Pressure Washer. Valets can be performed without a pressure washer using the trusted bucket and sponge only but to truly perform a professional valet a pressure washer is required. The pressure washer will give the vehicle a very powerful wash thus providing a much cleaner vehicle. Each valeter will have variations on the above toolkit but by having all of the above you will be able to perform a highly professional clean. The next stage in the process is to learn the correct steps to perform the valet in order to complete it in the shortest amount of time with the best finish possible.